Adventure Comics No. 477 Cover by Andru & Giordano

Regular readers of these posts will know my affection for this run of Adventure Comics, with Levitz and Ditko’s Starman as one of the features. With issue No. 477 from November 1980, the series was only one issue away from being done. With No. 479, a revamped version of the 1960s series Dial H for Hero would premiere.

Here’s No. 477 by DC’s main cover art team of the era – Ross Andru and Dick Giordano – cleaned up and given a fresh coat of new paint.

Adventure Comics 477 0

As published

Adventure Comics 477 1

Scan from Heritage Auctions

Adventure Comics 477 2

Cleaned-up art with missing bits drawn in

Adventure Comics 477 3

Re-created trade dress added

Adventure Comics 477 4

New colour version

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