Amerika: 1987 TV Mini Series

August 24, 2018|In General

Amerika arrived in February 1987, a seven-part ABC TV mini series focused on the former USA 10 years after the USSR successfully invaded and defeated the Americans. Starring Robert Urich, Kris Kristofferson, Sam Neill, Christine Lahti, Wendy Hughes and Armin Mueller-Stahl, the story explores the troubled world of Americans in defeat and a nervous Soviet leadership afraid of an uprising.

I enjoyed Amerika when it was originally broadcast, and it still lives on YouTube without a home video release since a VHS set now long out of print. With Russia now an established threat to US sovereignty via election tampering and the collusion of President Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin, it seems the story remains relevant if still somewhat unlikely. At the very least, it’s topical.

Perhaps Shout Factory, Kino Lorber or Mill Creek could pick it up for an HD release. In that spirit, here’s some design work to get the idea going.

Amerika Promo Poster 1

Original Promo Poster (sorry, best-quality image I could find online)

Amerika Promo Poster 2

Original Promo Poster

Amerika TV Spot

Re-created Network Ad

Amerika Poster

New Poster

And a number of cover variations for a new Blu-ray collection:

Amerika Bluray 1

Amerika Bluray 2

Amerika Bluray 3

Amerika Bluray 4

Amerika Bluray 5

Amerika Bluray 6

Amerika Bluray 7

Amerika Bluray 8

Amerika Bluray 9

Amerika Bluray 10


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