Batman No. 340 Cover by Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo became so strongly associated with DC heroes like Aquaman and Batman that we sometimes forget that he was a solid horror artist and in an alternate reality could have spent his career working in DC’s anthologies.

Case in point is this creepy cover from 1981 with the wonderfully-gnarled hand thrusting up from the pavement.

The story by Roy Thomas & Gene Colan was a tribute to Harvey Kurtzman’s “The Mole” from MAD No. 2.

New colour by me.

Batman 340 by DC Comics

As published.

Batman 340 cover art by Jim Aparo

Scan from Heritage Auctions.

Comic book production art by Scott Dutton

Trade dress removed, missing bits drawn in and art made production ready.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour version.

Comic book packaging by Scott Dutton

Re-created trade dress added.

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