Captain America No. 1 Cover by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

November 16, 2019|In General

Coming a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour – the event which precipitated the US’s entrance into the Second World War – Captain America was created by two young Jewish New Yorkers: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. With the Nazi government in Germany already persecuting Jews and other groups they wished to eliminate, Cap was the perfect patriotic avatar for young Americans eager to get into the war in Europe. Punching Hitler square on the jaw is an iconic depiction of the Golden Age of comics.

The published cover was drawn by Simon & Kirby, and the scan I’ve used here is of a later re-creation by Simon. Here’s a new colour treatment.

Captain America 1 0

As published

Captain America 1 1

Re-creation by Joe Simon; scan from Heritage Auctions

Captain America 1 2

Cleaned-up art and re-created trade dress

Captain America 1 3

New colour