Comic book stuff that doesn’t fit into the other categories

Flash Gordon Starring Buster Crabbe

Buster Crabbe was a memorable movie serial hero as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Omniverse No. 3 Cover by Hannigan & Beatty

A short-lived fanzine by Mark Gruenwald and Dean Mullaney was known for its attention to detail. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Space: 1999 by David & Dan Day

Who's up for a revival of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's last great creation? Colour and packaging by Scott Dutton.

Chamber of Chills No. 19 Cover by Lee Elias

One of the greatest horror comic book covers. Ever. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Assignment: Earth No. 1 Cover by John Byrne

After waiting years, we finally got an Assignment: Earth comic book mini-series. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Dalgoda by Jan Strnad & Dennis Fujitake

One of the shining lights of the early direct market, it unfortunately did not last long. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Phoenix No. 2 Unpublished Cover by Sal Amendola

Phoenix was one of the better books of the short-lived Atlas-Seaboard line. An unpublished cover by series artist Sal Amendola. Colour by…

Witches Tales No. 10 Cover by Lee Elias

In 1952 pre-Code horror comics androgyny was tantamount to satanism. Art restoration and colour by Scott Dutton.

Black Cat Mystery No. 49 Cover by Lee Elias

Pre-Code comics horror produced some great material before the censorship hammer came down and tamed mainstream comics in the US for…

YACReader OG

Reading Digital Comics with YACReader

YACReader is the best way to read digital comics on Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux.

Terry and the Pirates Cover by Jim Keefe

Long considered an epitome of the American adventure comic strip, Milton Caniff was an acknowledged master of sequential storytelling.…

The Phantom No. 29 Cover by Jim Keefe

With a worldwide fan base, the Phantom's adventures continue in the 21st century. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Jungle Jim – January 7, 1934 by Moore & Raymond

Created at the same time as Flash Gordon, the strip has largely faded into memory. Colour by Scott Dutton.

The Werewolf by Heath & Adams

Dynamite was a great kids magazine published by Scholastic beginning in the 1970s. It was full of great images like this one. Colour by…

Star Trek for The Monster Times No. 2 Cover by Gray Morrow

Gray Morrow produced this great image during the first wave of Star Trek fandom in the early 1970s. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Dynamo No. 3 Cover by Wally Wood

Though short-lived as a comics publisher, Tower Comics had top-flight talent and great characters. Colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

BEM No. 28 Cover by Brian Bolland

Everyone takes notice of Batman's sex life. But what is the place of sexual relations in mainstream comics? Colour by Scott Dutton /…

Hot Box by Jack Kirby

A two-page World War II story from 1954. A tiny masterpiece from the King of Comics. Colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Rex Morgan MD by Bradley and Edgington

A long-running story strip that's still published today. A fine example from 1969. Colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Night Fighter and Sky Giant by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Two characters that never made it out of concept development are dusted off and given the cover treatment. Inking, colour and packaging by…

Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe

One of the great science fiction comic strip characters is well represented by Jim Keefe. Colour and packaging by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

The Mechanoid Associates by Paul Gillon

A classic story of French robotic love. Translation, colour and packaging by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Claw New Colour

The Case for New Comic Book Colouring Directions

Recolouring comics for reprints and collected editions is a contentious issue for some long-time readers. But the audience of the past will…

Phantom Joan Boix Colour 1 Og

Chronicle Chamber’s Phundraiser for the Australian Bushfire Appeal Comic

With Australia's bushfires devastating the continent, Chronicle Chamber organized a Phantom benefit book with the proceeds going to the…

The Last Action Hero No. 1 Cover by Jerome K Moore

What could have been a great comic book adaptation of a movie was kiboshed by the movie's failure at the box office. A pity, really. Colour…

Starslayer 1 OG

Starslayer No. 1 by Mike Grell

Mike Grell went from The Warlord to Starslayer for his first direct distribution book as a writer/artist. Re-lettered and coloured by Scott…

Wizard No. 10 Cover by Rob Liefeld

Wizard covered the rise of the Image artists and a revolution in art in American comics. New colour by Scott Dutton/Catspaw Dynamics.

Justice Machine No 1 Cover OG

Justice Machine No. 1 Cover by Byrne & Gustovich

A notable team book from the early 80s with solid stories and ever-improving art. New colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Nexus by Steve Rude OG

Nexus by Baron & Rude

When Steve Rude put out the call for a colourist a few years back, I threw my hat in the ring by colouring the provided sample page.

Rubén Meriggi Page Colour OG

Fantasy Art by Rubén Meriggi

Rubén Meriggi is an Argentinian comic book artist. This page, published in black & white in Europe, gets colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

2000AD 17 Open Graph

2000 AD Prog 17 Cover by Brian Bolland

A cover from the early days of Britain's mighty 2000 AD is cleaned up and coloured by Scott Dutton/Catspaw Dynamics. And a note to people…

Giant Size Geek Banner OG

Giant-Size Blog Headers

One good turn deserves another. New headers by Scott Dutton for a couple of Giant-Size blogs.

Magnus Layton OG

Magnus Robot Fighter by Bob Layton

Bob Layton's version of Magnus for Dynamite Comics gets an alternate colour treatment by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Jackys Diary Cover OG

Jacky’s Diary

Collected by Yoe Books, Jacky's Diary cover colour by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Comics Code Authority OG

The Comics Code Authority

The Comics Code Authority shaped the majority of American comics for the better part of 50 years. A collection of the three code versions…

Nelvana of the North OG

Nelvana of the North : Then and Now

One of the most-famous characters to come out of the Canadian Golden Age of comics. Restoration techniques.

Ms Tree Substance OG

Ms. Tree by Collins & Beatty

When Marvel tried to steal a little bit of the Ms. Tree audience with Dakota North, the book didn't last long. New colour by Scott Dutton /…

Waterworks Chevrolet Suburban OG

The 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Calgary Police Paddy Wagon

The Chevrolet Suburban of the early 1940s is a fine example of design and utility in this long-lived model in the GM lineup. Background on…

Bernie Wrightson Colour the Creature OG

Colouring Bernie Wrightson Monsters

Pages from Bernie Wrightson's The Monsters Colour-the-Creature Book. Coloured by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Atomic Robo In The Lab OG

Atomic Robo : In the Lab

He's funny. Not funny, haha. Like in the head. Illustration by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Craftint Duotone Tones OG

Craftint and Duoshade Tones in Photoshop

I'm going to walk you through how to set up a file in Photoshop to create your own toned artwork. I've created a package of the files shown…