DC Comics Presents Pin-Up by George Pérez

April 20, 2022|In General

DC Comics Presents was modelled after The Brave & the Bold, which is largely remembered for being the Batman team-up book. As the Superman team-up book, DCCP had some great stories in it. It also had some clunkers and from my point of view it was the ever-changing creative teams that worked on DCCP that gave it its up and down feel, while B&B had the creative team of writer Bob Haney and artist Jim Aparo to keep the book’s feel consistent.

Still, DCCP was an entertaining read spanning the years 1978–86, and it was cancelled as part of the line-wide reset that Crisis on Infinite Earths ushered in. In No. 38, this pin-up by George Pérez celebrated Superman and his co-stars from the first 36 issues of the mag.

New colour by myself.

Dccp 38 Pin Up 0

As published.

Dccp 38 Pin Up 1

Scan of George Pérez’s original art from Heritage Auctions.

Dccp 38 Pin Up 2

Art made production ready.

Dccp 38 Pin Up 3

New colour version.

Dccp 38 Pin Up 4

Re-created trade dress added. This image is 2400px wide. Open it in a new window or save it to your device to view it at full size.