DC Special Series No. 1 Cover by Neal Adams

August 3, 2019|In General

DC Special Series was a catch-all for the one-off specials DC released over the following years, beginning with Five-Star Super-Hero Spectacular in 1977. The series spanned comics, tabloids and digests, and the Special Series was likely done to reduce the number of US postal permits DC had to apply for. A paperwork hassle to be sure. But the Special Series is well-remembered by Bronze Age DC readers for some truly great comics.

DC tapped Neal Adams as the cover artist for this issue, and it gets the re-design and re-colour treatment by me here.

DC Special Series 01 Cover by Neal Adams

As published

DC Special Series 01 Cover by Neal Adams

Print from Neal Adams, found on the web

Comic book production services by Scott Dutton

Reformatted once again for cover

Comics book lettering and logos by Scott Dutton

New trade dress added

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour version