Doctor Strange (1978) DVD and Blu-ray Cover

June 4, 2017|In General

You have to feel for the folks over at Shout Factory. They got the rights to re-release the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie to tie in with the release of the new feature film starring Benedict Cumberbatch. And they went to the effort to remaster it from the original film elements. That’s dedication, and one of the reasons genre film and TV lovers love Shout like cinephiles love Criterion and Kino Lorber. They do things right.

So I don’t hold them responsible for the packaging that doesn’t show the character or any Marvel branding. That’s most likely due to the fact that Universal Studios owns this film, and Disney/Marvel probably denied them the use of anything that would infringe upon their trademarks.

Doctor Strange (1978) Shout Factory DVD Cover

Doctor Strange (1978) Shout Factory DVD Cover. Doctor Strange™ Marvel.

And that’s a shame. Doctor Strange is arguably the best of the 1970s Marvel CBS TV productions, which included The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America.

It’s a fun film, with many of the comic’s ideas included. And it never hurts to have Jessica Walter slinking about.

So here’s a new cover using design elements from the film.

Doctor Strange 1978 DVD Cover

Doctor Strange (1978) DVD and Blu-ray Cover. Cover design ©Scott Dutton, 2017. Doctor Strange™ Marvel. Note: Print at 100%. Do not choose the ‘Fit to Page’ option. For personal use only.