eBook: The Beetle by Richard Marsh

April 25, 2019|In General

While I was working on the eBook for The Jewel of Seven Stars, I came across The Beetle, first published in 1897, just a few years before Jewel. More importantly, it was released the same year as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and rivalled it in popularity.

Like Dracula, the story is told from various characters’ viewpoints. Each fleshes out the narrative of a strange and villainous character come to London from Cairo to exact vengeance.

The first book of The Beetle is especially compelling, exploring the idea of body horror that continued to develop through the 20th century. Without The Beetle, I don’t think we’d have filmmakers like David Cronenberg.

I also came across a good paper by Dr. Minna Vuohelainen – currently of the University of London. Marsh and his era are part of her area of study and her paper is a great companion to the novel.

Beetle Marsh Back Cover
Beetle Marsh Front Cover

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