eBook: The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker

February 28, 2019|In Books, Graphic Design

The original tale of the Egyptian mummy come back to life was written by Bram Stoker – the author of Dracula – and first published in 1903. The Jewel of Seven Stars owes much to the dramatics of Victorian theatre. Stoker ‘s professional life was as an acting and business manager in the theatre, and the first half of this book is devoted to the manners and formalities of late 19th century English culture.

Victorian society was also fascinated with the archæological discoveries being made in Egypt, and Stoker in this story created one of the classics of Gothic Horror and the origin of our fascination with mummies and their role in popular culture.

Presented here in eBook formats is the original version of the novel published in 1903. In 1912, a revised version was published, less challenging to Christian doctrine of the time, and with an ending that may have been more palatable to sales.

Jewel Seven Stars Back Cover
Jewel Seven Stars Cover

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