eBooks: The Steve Ramsay World-Wide Adventures by Rosaylmer Burger

February 13, 2023|In Books, Graphic Design

Adventure novels have a long history of popularity. Evolving from mythical stories of Odysseus and Beowulf to explorers of strange lands, by the 1960s we had James Bond and cold warriors.

And from Rosaylmer Burger (writing as CH Wallace) we had Steve Ramsay, a nonsked pilot flying cargo and people for good pay anywhere in the world. His only flaw? A weakness for dangerous women in trouble.

I haven’t been able to find much about Ms. Burger other than her maiden and married names and the dates of her birth and death (1931–2010). I’ve always been amused that men have written romance novels. I can only imagine Ms. Burger being amused as she wrote manly stories for boys and men.

Crashlanding in the Congo by CH Wallace, 1965

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