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the power of publisher fonts

Many ebooks continue to be built from an engineer’s point of view. There are fonts built into every ebook device and program. Early on, when there were more ebooks on e-ink devices, the fonts installed looked good on the somewhat chunky pixel display.

But we’ve come a long way since then. Apple and Android phones and tablets have beautiful high-res displays that have no problem displaying the most-delicate letterforms. And even e-ink has continued to improve its resolution.

So it’s long-past time for ebook designers to do as their paper ancestors have done for hundreds of years: choose typefaces for legibility and design. Typefaces affect how you read and how you feel about the text.

Current ebook devices and software have a Publisher Fonts or Original Fonts option inside their Font menus. We highly recommend you choose them for the better reading experience we intend.


the elegance of epub

You don’t need to know anything technical to download and read our ebooks beyond which format to choose for your device.

ePUB3 is for Apple’s Books app on all its devices, Kobo devices and apps, Nook devices, and any other device or computer that has an ePUB3-compatible app. Your experience will vary depending on your choice of hardware and software, and how standards-compliant they are.

AZW3 and KFX are ePUB3-based formats for Kindle apps and devices. Kindle devices can be finicky about which files you’re allowed to load onto them – even though the files are native formats for Kindle. We test AZW3s on a recent Kindle Paperwhite with good results. However, the same file won’t load onto an Android tablet with a Kindle app. For that, we use the KFX file. Both display well. We apologise for any grief you may go through trying to open a book on your Kindle, and please realise that some things are out of our control.

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