Elvira’s Haunted Holidays Special No. 1 Cover by José Luis García-López

January 15, 2024|In General

Cassandra Peterson created something pretty appealing with her horror host persona Elvira. From hosting movies on TV and becoming a star in her own movies to convention appearances and licensing her character for things like comic books, her media presence long ago went beyond what Elvira started out as.

For the just past holiday season of 2023, this recolouring of one of her DC Comics Specials covers was one of two Christmas-themed comics I did. The other will follow in the next post.

New colour by me.

Elvira Haunted Holidays #1 published by DC Comics

As published.

Elviras Haunted Holidays #1 cover illustration by José Luis García-López

Original art scan from Heritage Auctions.

Comic book production art by Scott Dutton

Art made production ready.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour version.

Comic book design and packaging by Scott Dutton

Updated trade dress added.