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Trump's America Open Graph

Donald Trump’s America Poster

Liberty and justice for all requires keeping monied interests in check. Udo Keppler of Puck knew it in 1912. 105 years later, we still have…

Battleship OG

Battleship – The Game

Battleship is a game that dates from the First World War. Over the years, it's gone through different versions. The best are simple.

Last Photo Of Lincoln 1 OG

The Last Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

The restored last photograph of Abraham Lincoln alive is paired with two quotes of his in this 23"x35" poster available from Catspaw…

Statue Of Liberty Poster

“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses…”

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the dreams and ambitions of generations of immigrants who come to the US. Photo restoration and new…

Adobe Bridge SVG Thumbnails OG

SVG Thumbnail Previews in Adobe Bridge

A how-to for showing thumbnail previews for SVG files in Adobe Bridge.

Hiding TMB Files

Advanced WP File Manager : Hiding .tmb Directories

If you're using the Advanced WP File Manager 2.x WordPress plugin from RedHawk Studio – available through Code Canyon – you may have found…

We Choose To Go To The Moon

JFK: We Choose to Go to the Moon

JFK thought the best of his people, and that by setting tremendous challenges in front of them, they would focus and advance their…

Kodak Pulse Networking OG

Don’t You Have to Be in the Room to Take My Pulse?

The Kodak Pulse digital frame is a great device, but what about your data?

Iron Man in HD

Perfection Ain’t Perfect (or The Scourge of Hyphens)

Interaction with people in malls can be frought with disappointment.

Think Different Wallpapers OG

Think Different: Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Apple's Think Different campaign finally showed the general public what the company was about.

Look Out

Life without religion seems to be a better choice today, but you still need to believe in something.

Brother MFC-6490CW OG

He Ain’t Eight-and-a-Half by Eleven, He’s My Brother

Big scans on a modest budget. Plus some help from Vuescan for a dodgy driver.

Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning

Product introduction and evolution takes time as a society adjusts what is now possible. What effect will Apple's iPad have on us?

Timex Commercial OG

A long time ago, in a lake far, far away…

Not every kid finds a watch in a lake and gets to make a Timex commercial. This one did.