Ghostly Haunts No. 42 Cover by Don Newton

September 15, 2023|In General

Don Newton was a brilliant figure artist with classical underpinnings. He was also a solid storyteller. Emerging from fanzines, he spent some time at Charlton, becoming associated with The Phantom, before moving on to DC. He was particularly fond of the Captain Marvel Family, but it was his time as a Batman artist that cemented his reputation.

He passed away at a relatively young age shortly after moving over the fresh challenge of Infinity Inc. The sad thing about it is that unless you read comics at the time you’re not likely to hear about him outside of that circle of readers. It’s a real shame because he built up a solid body of work and readers certainly would have supported more.

Here’s one of his covers for Charlton. New colour by me.

Ghostly Haunts 42 0

As published.

Ghostly Haunts 42 1

Original art scan from Heritage Auctions.

Ghostly Haunts 42 2

Art made production ready.

Ghostly Haunts 42 3

New colour version.

Ghostly Haunts 42 4

Re-created trade dress added.