Giant-Size Chillers No. 3 Cover by Hannigan & Wrightson

November 10, 2018|In General

From August 1975, this was a reprint issue of horror stories wrapped in a new cover. And what a cover. The darn thing nearly leapt off the rack at you and it remains a favourite, so giving it an updated treatment was a natural thing for me to do.

Giant-Size Chillers Cover by Ed Hannigan and Bernie Wrightson

As published.

Giant-Size Chillers 3 Cover Unfinished

An unfinished version by Wrightson found on Heritage Auctions. Unfortunately, the search for the final art turned up nothing.

With no original to be found, that meant re-creating the art by tracing over a very high-res scan of the cover. This before-after zooms in to show some details of the results.

From the Danny Crespi files

On facebook, Todd Klein has shared scans of Danny Crespi’s collection of display lettering. Thankfully, “Night of the Gargoyle” was to be found there.

Comic book production services by Scott Dutton

Original trade dress re-created.

Comic book production services by Scott Dutton

New trade dress and a new Chillers logo.

The new logo was inspired by the one below.

The Thing comic, 1952

The Thing, Charlton Comics, 1952.

Which itself was a riff on a popular style of postcard.

Vintage postcard with photos in the logo

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada postcard, c1930s.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

First version – colour.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

Second version – colour.