Non-comics projects where I’ve used my graphic design skills

eBooks: The Steve Ramsay World-Wide Adventures by Rosaylmer Burger

Always ready, willing and able to fly cargo and people anywhere – for the right price – Steve Ramsay's only flaw is a weakness for…

Beetle Marsh OG

eBook: The Beetle by Richard Marsh

A mysterious figure arrives in London from Cairo, their dark heart set upon exacting vengeance on a prominent, popular politician. A…

Jewel Seven Stars OG

eBook: The Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker

The original tale of the Egyptian mummy come back to life. New ebook in ePUB, KFX, KF8 and MOBI formats.

Amerika Open Graph

Amerika: 1987 TV Mini Series

Amerika was a 1987 TV mini-series about the successful invasion of the USA by the USSR. 30 years later it remains a relevant – if unlikely…

Star Trek Technical Manual Banner

The Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual 2.0

In 1975, Franz Joseph’s Technical Manual was the perfect companion to his Enterprise blueprints. Here's some work on an updated version.

Doctor Strange 1978 DVD Cover OG

Doctor Strange (1978) DVD and Blu-ray Cover

Shout Factory releases the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie on DVD. And Scott Dutton creates a new cover for it. Free download.

Spectre Cover OG

eBook: Gene Roddenberry’s Spectre by Robert Weverka

A hard-to-find novel gets a number of design options through ebooks.

Trump's America Open Graph

Donald Trump’s America Poster

Liberty and justice for all requires keeping monied interests in check. Udo Keppler of Puck knew it in 1912. 105 years later, we still have…

Battleship OG

Battleship – The Game

Battleship is a game that dates from the First World War. Over the years, it's gone through different versions. The best are simple.

Last Photo Of Lincoln 1 OG

The Last Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

The restored last photograph of Abraham Lincoln alive is paired with two quotes of his in this 23"x35" poster available from Catspaw…

Statue Of Liberty Poster

“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses…”

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the dreams and ambitions of generations of immigrants who come to the US. Photo restoration and new…

Fantastic Voyage Book Cover OG

Fantastic Voyage Posters and Wallpapers

Fantastic Voyage was released in 1966. Well-written, imaginative and with a good cast, it was one of the better science fiction films of…

Filmation Tarzan DVD Cover OG

Filmation Tarzan Lord of the Jungle Season 1 DVD Cover

The well-regarded Filmation series – Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle – arrives on DVD. But what about that packaging? Free download.

Dr Syn 1 Cover OG

eBook: Dr. Syn · A Smuggler Tale of the Romney Marsh

Dr. Syn was a kindly old parson in Dymchurch-under-the-Wall, whose peaceful life was disturbed when the government came to investigate…

Dr Syn Alias the Scarecrow Cover OG

Dr. Syn alias the Scarecrow Novel Cover

Dr. Syn alias The Scarecrow novel cover, rebuilt by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Drsyn Wallpaper OG

Dr. Syn – The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Dr. Syn The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh wallpapers by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Assignment Earth Website OG Relaunched

The web's most complete site on this back-door pilot from Star Trek gets its seventh major update, with new design and content.

Ornament eBook OG

eBook: Ornament

Book layout and ebook conversion by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

John Carter of Mars Poster OG

John Carter of Mars 2: The Gods of Mars Poster

A possible future timeline has Warner Bros. picking up the John Carter of Mars film franchise from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Poster design…

Frank Schoonover Princess Of Mars Cover OG

eBook: A Princess of Mars Cover by Frank E. Schoonover

From the first edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic science fiction tale of John Carter and Barsoom. New ebook version by Scott Dutton /…

Neal Adams Tarzan Covers OG

Tarzan Covers by Neal Adams and Boris Vallejo

Neal Adams and Boris Vallejo were commissioned in the mid 1970s by Ballantine Books to paint covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan books.…

Michael Whelan John Carter Of Mars Covers OG

John Carter of Mars Covers by Michael Whelan

Fantastical, detailed and full of vibrancy, this 1979 series of covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom are arguably closest to the…

We Choose To Go To The Moon

JFK: We Choose to Go to the Moon

JFK thought the best of his people, and that by setting tremendous challenges in front of them, they would focus and advance their…

Thunder Child Banner OG

The Thunder Child Banner

A banner created by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics for The Thunder Child blog.

The Starlost Compendium OG

The Starlost Compendium

The Starlost is a great example of how shit can go off the rails if you don't have the right team backing you up.

When the Sky Fell OG

eBook: When the Sky Fell

A theory of periodic continental shift gives us a window to understanding our ancient history.

eBook: The Forbidden Manuscript

An intelligent thriller is packaged and typeset to enhance the book's themes by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

eBook: Assignment: Earth

Earth is in chaos. Missiles are in orbit. Gary Seven is about to have a very bad day. eBook by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Think Different Wallpapers OG

Think Different: Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Apple's Think Different campaign finally showed the general public what the company was about.

The Exploration Of Space OG

The Exploration of Space by Arthur C. Clarke

Repackaging vintage texts with modern design appeals to new audiences, and it's something we can take into ebooks with us.

Chandler Adams The Lady In The Lake 2 OG

The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler

A classic crime novel cover is explored with new type treatments by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Philip K Dick Bio

eBook: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

A classic novel of an alternate reality, Dick commented on American society by putting the world in a different context. Book design by…