Iron Man No. 67 Cover by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito

October 10, 2019|In General

I have to admit, I’ve never read many issues of Iron Man, but when a lady at work said her son liked Marvel more than DC, I figured ol’ Shellhead would be appreciated for one of my restoration and re-colouring posts. It ended up being a fun piece to work on.

Iron Man 67 Cover

As published

Iron Man 67 art by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito

Original art by Gil Kane and Mike Esposito. Scan from Heritage Auctions. This earlier version of the composition has The Freak as a smaller figure, and there are buildings in the background which were removed in the published version.

A before-after comparison showing the repairs made to the faded elements

Comic book art restoration by Scott Dutton

Restored art with the background and bleeds extended

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour version

Comic book lettering by Scott Dutton

Original trade dress re-created

Comic book design by Scott Dutton

New trade dress paying homage to the Marvel corner boxes of the late 1960s