Jungle Jim – January 7, 1934 by Moore & Raymond

April 14, 2022|In General

We all know who Flash Gordon is, or at least a good chunk of the general population does. Created at the same time, Jungle Jim by writer Don Moore and artist Alex Raymond ran as a page topper – a strip that ran above another on the same page – for Flash Gordon. Both strips premiered on January 7, 1934.

While Flash’s popularity continues today, Jungle Jim’s began to fade after the strip was cancelled in 1954. Thankfully, he also appeared in comics, and I first saw him in back issues from Charlton Comics. I especially enjoyed Pat Boyette’s take on the character.

Colour by myself.

Jungle Jim January 7, 1934 by Don Moore & Alex Raymond

As published. Jungle Jim Strip No. 1 from January 7, 1934.

Jungle Jim January 7, 1934 original art by Alex Raymond

Scan of Alex Raymond’s original art from somewhere on the web.

Comic book art restoration and production by Scott Dutton

Restored and made production ready.

Comic book coloring by Scott Dutton

New colour version.