Limited Collectors Edition C-37 Cover – Batman by Jim Aparo

February 12, 2022|In Comics, DC

Another solid volume of Batman stories, these from the Golden Age and featuring villains from Batman’s rogues gallery. All of it wrapped in an iconic cover by The Brave & the Bold regular artist Jim Aparo.

In its simplicity, there’s not much room to bring a different viewpoint to the cover colouring. I mean, I could do the background in green and someone might be kind enough to pat me on the head and say, “Good job, sonny,” but it would be weak sauce at best.

Instead, I thought redesigning the art a bit might be better at giving us something fresh while still respecting Aparo’s art.

And so, here we go. New colour and design by myself.

Limited Collectors Edition C-37 Batman published by DC Comics 1975

As published.

Limited Collectors Edition C-37 Batman cover art by Jim Aparo

Scan found on the web.

Comic book production art by Scott Dutton

Art made production ready.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour. If you’re going to have Batman looking up dramatically into the sky, have the bat signal there. The heads get moved to a symbolic place in his thoughts. And add a little bad weather to increase the noir.

Comic book design by Scott Dutton

Re-created and new trade dress added.


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