Man-Bat No. 1 Cover by Jim Aparo

March 16, 2024|In Comics, DC

Man-Bat debuted in Detective Comics in a tale written by Frank Robbins and drawn by Neal Adams. It was a great idea and Man-Bat proved popular. After a few appearances, he was given his own magazine.

Alas, it didn’t light the world on fire and lasted only two issues. Later stories in Batman Family were better, with art by hot young talents like Marshall Rogers and Michael Golden. Man-Bat always does better when you pump up the creepy factor.

With that in mind, here’s a recolouring and repackaging of the first issue cover of his mid 70s book with a nod to horror comics.

New colour by me.

Man Bat 1 0

As published.

Man Bat 1 1

Original art scan from Heritage Auctions.

Man Bat Head Changes

I always noticed the Batman head re-draw on this cover. Now that I’ve seen the original art, sure, Aparo had drawn a teeny-tiny head on Batman. DC decided a bigger one was in order, but instead of taking a stat and enlarging the head Aparo drew, a production artist re-drew it. Badly. I’ve restored Aparo’s drawing here and embiggened his Bathead.

Man Bat 1 2

Art made production ready.

Man Bat 1 3 class=

New colour version.

Man Bat 1 4

Re-created and new trade dress added.