The New Teen Titans No. 16 Cover by Pérez & Tanghal

March 27, 2022|In General

Not a lot new to say this time out, except it’s another of The New Teen Titans covers that was put into an inset so that another new book preview could be marketed. In this case it was the wonderful Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew, and I’m sure the preview gave a boost to a book that might have disappeared after only a few issues. As it was, it lasted 20 issues and has had some revivals over the years.

But with all that marketing going on, the main cover image suffered and that was during a time when every issue of NTT was a must-read. So a little minor surgery was in order to make it a full-size cover.

Colour and packaging by myself.

New Teen Titans 16 published by DC Comics

As published.

New Teen Titans 16 cover art by George Pérez & Romeo Tanghal

Original art scan from Heritage Auctions.

Comic book production art by Scott Dutton

Art made production ready. It was extended at the top to fit the full-cover format.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour.

Comic book design and packaging by Scott Dutton

Re-created trade dress completes the package.