Pellucidar Covers by David B. Mattingly

September 6, 2012|In General

In 1990, David B. Mattingly was commissioned by Del Rey/Ballantine Books to paint the covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pellucidar series. Mattingly delivered some very nice pieces that were unfortunately paired with some pretty overbearing typography. The age of coverlines had finally taken over.

Collected below are the six covers. Book 4 in the Pellucidar series is Tarzan at the Earth’s Core, which is printed as part of the Tarzan series.

David B Mattingly Pellucidar 1 At The Earths Core

At the Earth’s Core

David B Mattingly Pellucidar 2 Pellucidar


David B Mattingly Pellucidar 3 Tanar Of Pellucidar

Tanar of Pellucidar

David B Mattingly Pellucidar 5 Back To The Stone Age

Back to the Stone Age

David B Mattingly Pellucidar 6 Land Of Terror

Land of Terror

David B Mattingly Pellucidar 7 Savage Pellucidar

Savage Pellucidar

Return to Barsoom Banner by Scott Dutton


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