The user is you, the person accessing this site. Catspaw Dynamics (CD) is a trade name for Scott Dutton and his creative work, and he is the owner of this site. This policy may be amended in the future.


To make a comment on the posts on this site, the user must supply their email address, and their IP address is automatically logged by the site. These are used solely for the purpose of spam and abuse prevention. While the user may be contacted via email if they say something particularly interesting to CD, CD won’t be using it for marketing or other purposes. All comments become the property of CD and are manually approved or deleted by CD, so the likelihood of comments made by the user becoming embarrassing to them over time is remote with this site. Always remember, spelling and grammar matter.


Subscribing to this site is a voluntary act initiated by the user, and doing so means the user will receive an email notice each time CD publishes a new post. Solely for this purpose, the user’s name and email address are collected, and CD will not use the information for marketing or other purposes. The user has full control of their subscription with a link to unsubscribe at any time inside each email notice sent to them. When the user unsubscribes, their name and email address are removed from the system. No user information is retained.


CD has made a number of creative works available for download. When the user chooses to download a file, what they downloaded, the name and version of their web browser, and their IP address are recorded in a temporary log file. The temporary log file is deleted once examined by CD as part of regular site maintenance. Once the temporary log file has been deleted, only what was downloaded remains in the permanent log file so that CD may know the number of times a file has been downloaded. No user information is retained.

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