Salvation Run No. 7 Cover by Neal Adams

I came across the pencils for this 2008 cover by Neal Adams, loving the energy. So this time out we’re going to go backward from the published cover to the pencils, and then back up to a new final version with inks and colours by myself.

Salvation Run #7 DC Comics

The published cover

Coloring by Moose Baumann

Colours by Moose Baumann

Salvation Run #7 Cover by Neal Adams

Inks by Neal Adams, showing how the art was constructed in two pieces

Joker pencils by Neal Adams

Pencils by Neal Adams with a bit of inking begun

Inks by Scott Dutton

Inks by Scott Dutton. I puts Adams’ pencils under a layer and inked the whole piece that way.

Comic book coloring by Scott Dutton

Colours applied

Comic book logos by Scott Dutton

Re-created trade dress added

Comic book packaging by Scott Dutton

Putting the bad guy front and centre

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