Where are we headed? What will the world be like?

I’m glad that science fiction has continued to gain ground in the general population’s appreciation of it. The broad variety of concepts and genres within it make it endlessly fascinating.

Flash Gordon Starring Buster Crabbe

Buster Crabbe was a memorable movie serial hero as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Space: 1999 by David & Dan Day

Who's up for a revival of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's last great creation? Colour and packaging by Scott Dutton.

Assignment: Earth No. 1 Cover by John Byrne

After waiting years, we finally got an Assignment: Earth comic book mini-series. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Dalgoda by Jan Strnad & Dennis Fujitake

One of the shining lights of the early direct market, it unfortunately did not last long. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Star Trek for The Monster Times No. 2 Cover by Gray Morrow

Gray Morrow produced this great image during the first wave of Star Trek fandom in the early 1970s. Colour by Scott Dutton.

Starfleet Navigator Class Starship

Quick and maneuverable, the Navigator class fulfills a different role in Starfleet than the larger Constitution class. Designed by Scott…

Blade Runner: The Comic Book Adaptation by Williamson & Garzon

If ever a comic book deserved a colour remastering, this overlooked 1982 gem of a movie adaptation qualifies. Book design and colour by…

Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe

One of the great science fiction comic strip characters is well represented by Jim Keefe. Colour and packaging by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

The Mechanoid Associates by Paul Gillon

A classic story of French robotic love. Translation, colour and packaging by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country Cover by Jerome K Moore

The comic book adaptation of the original Trek crew's last movie. New colour and packaging by Scott Dutton/Catspaw Dynamics.

Star Trek DC v1 No. 1 Cover by George Pérez

When DC acquired the Star Trek comics licence, they gave it a big push with covers by their top artist. New colour by Scott Dutton/Catspaw…

Star Trek Dc V2 16 Og

Star Trek DC v2 No. 16 Cover by Jerome K Moore

DC's Star Trek books featured solid stories and art and covers that were strongly tied to the imagery of the TV series and films. New…

Star Trek Technical Manual Banner

The Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual 2.0

In 1975, Franz Joseph’s Technical Manual was the perfect companion to his Enterprise blueprints. Here's some work on an updated version.

Marvel Preview 4 IFC OG

Marvel Preview No. 4 – Star-Lord by Gan and Wrightson

From Star-Lord's first appearance in 1976, a splash page by Steve Gan, and the inside front cover by Bernie Wrightson. Colour by Scott…

Spectre Cover OG

eBook: Gene Roddenberry’s Spectre by Robert Weverka

A hard-to-find novel gets a number of design options through ebooks.

Fantastic Voyage Book Cover OG

Fantastic Voyage Posters and Wallpapers

Fantastic Voyage was released in 1966. Well-written, imaginative and with a good cast, it was one of the better science fiction films of…

Starlord Original Covers OG

The Original Star-Lord Covers

The original version of Star-Lord was darker and more complex than the current version. Great cover art by top illustrators of the day. New…

Starlord Byrne Austin OG

Star-Lord by Byrne & Austin

Star-Lord by John Byrne and Terry Austin from Marvel Preview #11, January 1976. Colour and re-created logos by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

John Carter of Mars Sun Comic Strip OG

John Carter of Mars: 1958 Sun Comic Strip

John Carter of Mars comic strip by DR Morton and Robert Forest published in The Sun, 1958, UK. Lettering and colours by Scott Dutton /…

Assignment Earth Website OG

AssignmentEarth.ca Relaunched

The web's most complete site on this back-door pilot from Star Trek gets its seventh major update, with new design and content.

John Carter Of Mars Gold Key OG

John Carter of Mars by Francesco Francavilla

John Carter of Mars never got much love from Dell/Gold Key, so this piece by Francesco Francavilla is welcome. New cover treatment by Scott…

Outland Press Kit OG

Outland : The Press Kit

Outland was released in 1981, very much a product of the popularity science-fiction films were enjoying during the time period. The press…

Blade Runner Syd Mead Spinner OG

The Blade Runner Spinner by Syd Mead

A model of Syd Mead's original design for the Spinner from Blade Runner is inserted into a scene from the film by Scott Dutton / Catspaw…

Mars Attacks Figure OG

Mezco Mars Attacks Action Figure

Ack ack, ack ack ack ack. Ack, ack ack ack ack ack ack. Ack ack ack – ack ack ack ack ack ack ack ack – ack ack ack, ack.

David B Mattingly Pellucidar OG

Pellucidar Covers by David B. Mattingly

Mattingly's 1990 covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar series are detailed and polished. Too bad the cover design didn't give the art…

John Carter of Mars Poster OG

John Carter of Mars 2: The Gods of Mars Poster

A possible future timeline has Warner Bros. picking up the John Carter of Mars film franchise from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Poster design…

Robert K Abbett Jcom OG

John Carter of Mars Covers by Robert K. Abbett

A solid series of covers by one of the premier illustrators of his day. Abbett updated the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom for a new…

Disney Mars And Beyond OG

John Carter of Mars: Disney’s Mars and Beyond

The fantasy aspects of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom served Ward Kimball well for a segment of a Tomorrow Land-themed episode of Disneyland…

Frank Schoonover Princess Of Mars Cover OG

eBook: A Princess of Mars Cover by Frank E. Schoonover

From the first edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic science fiction tale of John Carter and Barsoom. New ebook version by Scott Dutton /…

Gino Dachille John Carter Of Mars OG

John Carter of Mars Covers by Gino D’Achille

This 1973 series of covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom showed a more serious side to the adventures of John Carter of Mars.

Michael Whelan John Carter Of Mars Covers OG

John Carter of Mars Covers by Michael Whelan

Fantastical, detailed and full of vibrancy, this 1979 series of covers for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom are arguably closest to the…

Thunder Child Banner OG

The Thunder Child Banner

A banner created by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics for The Thunder Child blog.

The Starlost Compendium OG

The Starlost Compendium

The Starlost is a great example of how shit can go off the rails if you don't have the right team backing you up.

eBook: Assignment: Earth

Earth is in chaos. Missiles are in orbit. Gary Seven is about to have a very bad day. eBook by Scott Dutton / Catspaw Dynamics.

eBook: John Carter of Mars – Return to Barsoom

A free John Carter of Mars novel bringing Edgar Rice Burroughs into the 21st century. ePub and KF8 formats for iOS, Kobo, Kindle, Nook and…

Kimble Enterprise OG

The Perils of Choice

A fateful trip across the Rockies. A choice made. A life set on its path forever.

Philip K Dick Bio

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

A classic novel of an alternate reality, Dick commented on American society by putting the world in a different context. Book design by…

Analog Science Fiction OG

Science Fiction Pulps

I recently attended ConVersion here in Calgary and found a fellow selling old science fiction pulps in great condition and they show…