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August 21, 2006|In General

I recently attended ConVersion here in Calgary and found a fellow selling old science fiction pulps in great condition.

Astounding Science Fiction Apr 1939

Charles Schneeman

The oldest, from 1939, is from an era before we had the photo quality we get now from probes and imaging systems. So the depiction of a Jupiter-like planet and the cast shadow across the rings really caught my eye. And the understated, modern typography gridded out makes this composition sing. Just a few months earlier, they had been using the more decorative type design that had been prevalent through the Teens and Twenties.

Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1950

David Pattee

Fast forward to the Fifties. We’re now living in the Cold War era and its imminent threat of nuclear devastation. This one just creeps me out, and reminds me of Dr. Manhattan reintegrating in The Watchmen.

Astounding Science Fiction Nov 1952

Charles Schneeman

A bit more subtle. Chilling in its own way. Imagine sitting in the silence of the Moon and watching those flashes.

Astounding Science Fiction Sep 1952

Alejandro Cañedo

As an ink guy, I like the poster quality this one has.

Astounding Science Fiction Mar 1954

Kelly Freas

No nuclear threat here. A lot more gentle. Reminds me of the feeling Bradbury’s writing gives me. Instead of the romance of space opera a generation before, there is the symbology of middle America being attached to dreams of space. Stories and images like this really helped move the consciousness of the public from thinking of space flight as fantasy to one of challenge and goal.

Astounding Science Fiction Dec 1952

Gaylord Welker

What I really like about this era of Astounding was the amazingly-clean design that showed respect for the image. Try doing this today in a market that has gone nuts with cover lines.

Analog Science Fiction Sep 1963

John Schoenherr

By the Sixties, science had taken firm hold of the visual language of space flight. There is no fantasy or dream here, just communication of some of the concepts which were beginning to come true.

Analog Science Fiction Sep 1963

Nat White

More than a little reminiscent of the moment of conception.


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