Starfleet Navigator Class Starship

May 24, 2021|In General

Coming out of my work on the revised Star Trek Starfleet Technical Manual, it got me thinking about something a little sleeker that your average starship. It would be Starfleet’s answer to the Romulan Bird of Prey.

Combining a Constitution-class-sized saucer with nacelles and a reduced-size engineering hull gave me what I was looking for. The Navigator class has reduced mass and a simple shape, making it highly-maneuverable at sublight speeds with quick acceleration.

With a smaller ship’s complement and less resources than the larger Constitution, it would be suited for missions of shorter durations as a people transport and extended survey missions, and as a quick-attack craft during conflict. The TOS movie-era Miranda class (like the USS Reliant in The Wrath of Khan) is a likely successor to the Navigator class.

If this design appeals to a 3D modeller, I’ll be happy to supply the original vector file as a starting place for your work.

Navigator Class Plans 1

Navigator Class Plans 2

Navigator Class Plans 3