Strange Adventures No. 159 Cover by Murphy Anderson

September 20, 2023|In General

Who doesn’t like astronauts and dinosaurs? And gosh darn it, why shouldn’t we have stories with them both in it at the same time?

Murphy Anderson does his usual good job with his considerable skills. That dinosaur looks more amused and curious than territorial.

New colour by me. In a case like this, I’m always happy to make astronaut flight suits closer to what they actually looked like in the the real world. In this case, the suit drawn is similar to what US Mercury astronauts wore and it was fun to add some glossiness to the faceplate.

Strange Adventures 159 published by DC Comics

As published.

Strange Adventures 159 cover illustration by Murphy Anderson

Original art scan from Heritage Auctions.

Comic book production art by Scott Dutton

Art made production ready.

Comic book colouring by Scott Dutton

New colour version.

Comic book design and packaging by Scott Dutton

Re-created trade dress added.